Bisbe Cave

Address:From Platja Aiguablava/Platja Tamariu. Tamariu
Price: free of charge

Marine cave Cova del Bisbe is one of the several caves found in the coast between Aiguaxelida and Aiguablava, in Begur village, next to the Cova d'en Gispert (the longest one, 150 meters) or la Gavina. Specifically, Cova del Bisbe is about 40 meters long and you can explore it until the end. Highly recommended to browse in kayak and provided there is good sea.

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Cova del Bisbe, entre Tamariu y Aiguablava, en Begur, se puede visitar con kayak

La zona entre Aiguablava i Tamariu (Begur sud) compta amb nombroses coves marines

Entrada a la Cova del Bisbe, entre Aiguablava i Tamariu, a Begur

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