Address:Camí del Semàfor, 64. 17255 Begur

Semàfor is an old building that served as a station for ship guidance since its opening in 1891 until the 70s. It is located on the tip of the Cape of Begur, on a cliff that provides one of the best views in the area. You can reach it by car from the center of Begur through the Camí del Semafor road, and near it begins a beautiful coastal path leading to Sa Tuna cove, towards north, in 45 minutes.

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Vistes cap al sud des des Cap de Begur, Costa Brava

El Semáforo, Begur

Antiga il·lustració del Semàfor de Begur

El Semàfor de Begur

Tunel prop del Semàfor de Begur

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