Quermany Gros Viewpoint

Address:Quermany Gros GR-92. 17214 Pals
Price: free of charge

Scenic viewpoint Quermany Gros is on the top of this mountain near the historic center of the village of Pals, about 224 meters above sea level. A round trip visit from here also allow us to see the old entrance to the Mines of Bofill and natural source of drinking water Can Pou. The views are amazing and the gazebo include the Medes Islands, the seaside village of l'Estartit, Montgrí Mountains, the peaks of the Pyrenees (snowed in winter) and the plain of the Ampurdan.

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Font de Can Pou, a la muntanya de Quermany Gran, Pals

Surveillance forestière sur la montagne Quermany Gros, Pals

Pujant cap al cim del Quermany Gros: muntanya de Mas Tomasí, les Medes, el Cap de Creus

La subida al mirador de Quermany Gros, a 224 metros sobre el nivel del mar, se encuentra señalizada

Vues du belvédère Quermany Gros: montagne Mas Tomasí, Îles Medes, l'Estartit, le Montgrí, Cap de Creus

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