Visigothic Camp

Address:Carrer Ausiàs Marc, 3. 17480 Roses
Price: free of charge

Ancient fortification from seventh century located on the Puig-Rom mountain, with excellent views over the bay of Roses, so that it is also a great viewpoint. The bases of the walls we see today were originally from 5 to 6 meters high, and 2 meters width. Some years later square towers were added to improve the defence. There were also simple made houses, with one or two bedrooms, and warehouses. We know that it was occupied only until the first quarter of eighth century, approximately until the Arab occupation of this zone.

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Visigothic Camp Photos

Mirador del Castrum Visigòtic de Roses, Costa Brava

Estructures de l'antic campament visigòtic del s. VII, a Roses

Remparts de l'ancien camp militaire wisigoth de Roses, Costa Brava

Puig-Rom mountain, a nice panoramic landmark in Roses

Aussichten aus Puig-Rom, in Roses, Costa Brava

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