Cova d'en Daina Dolmen

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Romanyà de la Selva is a charming village located few kilometers from the coast in the middle of the Gavarres Mountains, in a very quiet rural environment. A few meters from the road, about 650 meters from the center, is one of the most impressive megalithic Iberian peninsula set: the Cova d'en Daina. It is a funeral megalithic enclosure protected by a 11 meters diameter cromlech and almost 5,000 years old.

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Cova d'en Daina, Romanyà de la Selva

Cova d'en Daina cromlech, Romanyà de la Selva

Cova d'en Daina

Cova d'en Daina megalith

Cova d'en Daina

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