The Little Prince in Riells Beach

Address:Passeig Mar, 20. Platja de Riells. 17130 L'Escala
Price: free of charge

In Riells Beach, in the village of L'Escala, lives all the year character of the work of the French writer Saint-Exupéry: "The Little Prince". Sitting on a stone wall, the Little Prince contemplates every evening the sunset of the Costa Brava and allows children and adults to take a picture with him. It is not the only character in the novel who has decided to stay forever in this beautiful village: a few meters, on the beach, on the steps of the Plaça de l'Univers square, the fox seems to be looking at something on the horizon. And that's not all. Later we find a rose on the floor, a baobab tree, volcanic rocks and palm trees tracing the constellations of the East. The seafront boulevard also takes the name of this character: Passeig Petit Princep.

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The Little Prince in Riells Beach Photos

El Petit Príncep, sobre un mur de la Platja de Riells, l'Escala

Le Petit Prince sur la Plage de Riells, l'Escala, Costa Brava, Espagne

The Little Prince, on Riells Beach, l'Escala, Costa Brava

Otro personaje de "El Principito" de Saint-Exupéry sobre la playa de Riells: el zorro

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