Fishermen house Can Cinto Xuà

Address:Carrer de la Torre, 35. 17130 L'Escala

Old Fishermen House Can Cinto Xuà is in the center of l'Escala village and is an ancient eighteenth century home which has been preserved as it was, including the tools and the original decoration of its inhabitants, so that visitors can get the idea of everyday environment and the conditions under which developed the daily lives of people exercising this profession, so important in the coastal village of L'Escala. It is attached to the Salt and Anchovies Museum of L'Escala are guided tours are regularly organized to visit the rooms and hall of the two floors.

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Casa de pescadors Can Cinto Xuà, a l'Escala, Costa Brava

Salón comedor de la casa de pescadores de época Can Cinto Xuà, l'Escala

Can Cinto Xuà, l'Escala, Costa Brava

Horno de la antigua Casa de Pescadores Can Cinto Xuà, l'Escala

Cassoles i plats a la Casa Can Cinto Xuà, l'Escala

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