Parador Aiguablava Hotel

Address:GIV-6532 Cala Aiguablava. 17255 Begur

The Parador d'Aiguablava Hotel, on the Punta des Mut cape, and next to the cove of the same name in Begur, is one of the best hotels forming part of the Paradores Nacionales official hotel network, for its excellent natural location. Opened in 1966 by the minister Fraga, this hotel offers high-standing accommodation all year round with magnificent views over the Bay of Aiguablava. Its restaurant "Mar i Vent" (Sea and Wind) is specialized in offering Ampurdan regional dishes and is famous for its buffet breakfast with sea views, available even to visitors who are not staying at the hotel.

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Parador Aiguablava Hotel Photos

Cliffs in front of Parador Aiguablava terrace, Begur, Costa Brava

Aiguablava Bay, Begur, Costa Brava, Spain

Colònia de gavines als penya-segats d'Aiguablava, Begur, Costa Brava

Chambre du Hôtel Parador Aiguablava, Begur, Costa Brava

Baie d'Aiguablava, Begur, Costa Brava

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