Es Pedrís Llarg Bench

Address:Plaça de la Vila. 17255 Begur
Price: free of charge

Attached to the side wall of the seventeenth century Sant Pere Church, you will find Es Pedris Llarg, the most famous stone bench in Begur. It measures just over 10 meters and from time immemorial times it recalls the existence of this seat under the shade, facing the main square of the village, where there are several bar terraces. On the left side, as we sit on it, the source people in the village did serve before running water was installed in homes. So this stone bench is living history of centuries for the people in the little village of Begur.

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Es Pedrís Llarg Bench Photos

Es Pedrís Llarg es el banco más famoso de todo Begur, Girona, Costa Brava

El banco de Es Pedrís Llarg se encuentra en la plaza central de Begur, Costa Brava

Es Pedrís Llarg es troba a la Plaça de la Vila de Begur, al costat de l'Ajuntament

Une visiteure de Begur regarde tranquillement le pas des pietons sur le Pedrís Llarg

The long stone bank, Es Pedrís Llarg, is detached to the Sant Pere Church Wall, from XVIIth century

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