Albanyà Canyon

Address:Camí Albanyà Bassegoda Park. Albanyà
Price: free of charge

Gorges d'Albanyà form small gorges in the beginning of the Muga river, born just a few miles above, on this lovely wooded area of Alta Garrotxa Pre-Pyrenees, not far from the French Vallespir. The most famous gorge is located about 2 kms from the center d'Albanyà, heading Bassegoda Camping Park, and is well known because young people can jump into the water from the rocks and it is an area suitable for swimming. The route is very comfortable and absolutely natural, so the promenade is suitable for the whole family.

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Gorgues d'Albanyà, tramo inicial del río Muga

Gorgues de les Dones, Maçanet de la Selva otra laguna fluvial cerca de Albanyà

Fleuve Muga, Albanyà

Jumping over Gorgues d'Albanyà, Muga River