Santa Maria Porqueres

Address:GIV-5248. 17834 Porqueres
Price: free of charge

Romanesque church located near the Banyoles lake and consecrated in the twelfth century. Access to it is very easy, since it is next to the road, and has parking. From simple portal, the interior reveals that the main apse is formed by several little apses and two side chapels. There's a triumphal at the entrance to the chancel. To the right of the this little church is the rectory, and left the cemetery, with graves of past centuries, and a small covered space called comunidor, where in ancient times the priest blessed the four winds to wish for a good harvest.

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Figura dels culs de les lleones a Santa Maria de Porqueres

Entorno natural alrededor de Santa Maria de Porqueres, Costa Brava

Pórtico de Santa Maria de Porqueres, cerca de Banyoles

Église Santa Maria de Porqueres, près du lac de Banyoles

Carte de la plante de Santa Maria de Porqueres

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