Traditional Planting Rice

Address:Mas Carles, carretera GI-6501. 17257 Pals
Price: 5.00 €

The Traditional Rice First Cultivation in Pals is held during a weekend, in June (please ask at the Pals Tourist Office about the exact date). This is a popular event in which area farmers in Pals camp inaugurate the time of traditional rice cultivation, called 'Bomba', showing visitors how to grow this plant in the ecosystem of the flooded fields of Pals (marshlands). The place can be reached by touristic train, there is an exhibition of tractors and attendees are invited to a picnic lunch (all included in the price). Activity highly recommended for children.

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Caldereta d'arròs, plat típic de Pals, Empordà

Rice fields in Pals, Ampurda, Costa Brava, Spain

Pals rice, Costa Brava

Affiche 2013 de la Planté du Ris de Pals, Costa Brava

Planté traditionnel du ris de Pals, Ampurdan, Costa Brava

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