Gothic fountain

Address:Carrer Ample, 26. 17300 Blanes
Price: free of charge

In the fifteenth century, when the noble woman Violant de Cabrera ordered to built this source for the use and enjoyment of the people in Blanes, the space around it was very different. Surely it was a square, cause the fountain has an octagonal base. A few years ago water flow was cut for better monument preservation. The six gargoyles around the fountain represent human figures and the carved medallion, where you can recognize the figure of a goat, refers to Cabrera own lineage (goat - lat. capra - Cabrera). The figure at the top of the fountain is an angel.

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Fontaine Gothique de Blanes, XVe siècle, Costa Brava

La Font Gòtica de Blanes es troba al centre de la ciutat

Blanes Gothique Fountain, Costa Brava

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