Sant Pere del Bosc

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The area known as Sant Pere del Bosc, by the name of the church, is still today a place of pilgrimage for the people of Lloret de Mar, especially every First May, the feast day in the chapel. The building, now a hotel resort, was created in 1789 in Baroque style and became the property, after the time of catholic property confiscation by the government in the nineteenth century, of a Catalan Indian who made his fortune in Cuba, Nicolau Font, known as the Count the Jaruco. This rich owner commissioned the famous modernist architect Puig extending the set to make it the monumental farm we know today.

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Angel Monument, Sant Pere del Bosc church, Lloret de Mar

Sant Pere del Bosc, Lloret de Mar, Spain

Sant Pere del Bosc, en la Costa Brava

Ensemble monumental de Sant Pere del Bosc, Lloret de Mar

San Pedro del Bosque, Lloret de Mar

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