Saint Vincent Church

Address:Plaça de l'Església. 17320 Tossa de Mar
Price: free of charge

The baroque church of Saint Vincent in Tossa de Mar is located in a very busy central square of the village. It was built in the eighteenth century to replace the one in the Vila Vella fortification, which had become too small, and therefore was built in Baroque style. The quadrangular tower remained unfinished and the interior was renovated in the twentieth century due to the ravages of the Spanish Civil War. Normally it is open and it's a place of refuge and prayer available to all, in contrast to the street excitement outside.

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Saint Vincent Church Photos

Église Sant Vicent de Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Façana de la Parròquia de Sant Vicenç, a Tossa de Mar

Interior de estilo neoclásico de la iglesia de San Vicente, en Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

La fornícula sobre el pòrtic de l'església de Sant Vicent, a Tossa de Mar, conté una estàtua del sant

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