Iberian settlement in Sant Julià de Ramis

Address:Veĩnat dels Sants Metges. 17481 Sant Julià de Ramis
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The archaeological site of Castellum Fractum is a few kilometers north of Girona, on the little mountain of Sant Julia, 190 meters high. At his feet runs the river Ter an the ancient Roman Via Augusta route, now N-II. This largely explains the situation of this fortified Iberian settlement in the sixth century BC which was also occupied by the Romans until almost seventh century AD. The site is well signposted, you can see carved old silos, part of the walls and the foundations of huts carved into the rock along the slope. The views over the city of Girona and Ampurdan plain are excellent. A few meters from this ancient settlement is the church calle dels Sants Metges.

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Remparts du gisement ibérique de Sant Julià de Ramis, Costa Brava

Belvédère du gisement ibérique Castellum Fractum, près de Gérone

Església dels Sants Metges, Sant Julià de Ramis, Girona

Panel informativo del yacimiento ibérico y romano de Sant Julià de Ramis, Girona

Iberic settlement Castellum Fractum next to Girona, Costa Brava

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