Dolmen of the Creu of Cobertella

Address:Carretera de Montjoi. Roses
Price: free of charge

Dolmen Creu d'en Cobertella, in Roses, is the largest dolmen in Catalonia and is about 5,000 years old. It is just 1.5 km from the center of Roses about 300 meters through the Carretera de Montjoi, the road leading to the cove of the same name. Original from Neolithic times it was a funerary enclosure where the bodies were buried and it is made of seven slabs of granite gneiss, with a maximum height of 2.45 meters.

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Dolmen of the Creu of Cobertella Photos

Dolmen Creu d'en Cobertella, Roses

Creu d'en Cobertella

Megalito Creu d'en Cobertella, Roses, Cap de Creus

Dolmen Creu d'en Cobertella, Roses, Costa Brava

Creu d'en Cobertella, Roses

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