Sant Martí Church

Address:Plaça de l'Església. 17200 Palafrugell

The Parish of Sant Martí de Palafrugell has its origins in the tenth century, although its current appearance comes from its reconstruction in the fourteenth century. It is an enormous church that presents styles from different periods. It consists of a single nave with side chapels and a choir. The apse is polygonal and the central facade, simple, has a rose window and a portal dedicated to St. Martin. High-rise among the buildings in the Palafrugell, its unfinished bell tower stands out from the rooftops of the capital of Baix Empordà.

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Campanar inacabat de Sant Martí de Palafrugell

"Les deux amis", fresque de l'Église de Sant Martí, Palafrugell

La iglesia de San Martín de Palafrugell se encuentra junto al centro comercial de la ciudad, capital del Bajo Ampurdán

Sant Martí de Palafrugell, Girona, Costa Brava

Façana de l'església de Sant Martí de Palafrugell

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