Puig Castellet Iberian Settlement

Address:Ronda del Poblat Ibèric, 31. 17310 Lloret de Mar

Iberian people were before the Roman occupation. The Costa Brava has several settlements of these ancient villages occupied by the tribe of the indiketas. Puig Castellet, in particular, was an ancient fort situated on a hill with great views of the Tordera river to beyond Lloret de Mar. The circuit of the site shows old silos excavated in the rock, walls basements surrounding this small village, walls of some rooms and several explanatory panels that allow visitors to get an idea of ​​how the Iberians lived in this settlement. Office of Tourism of Lloret de Mar will inform you on opening hours.

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Jaciment ibèric Puig Castellet, Lloret de Mar

Vistas de Lloret de Mar desde el yacimiento ibérico de Puig Castellet

Reconstrucció de la vida dels ibers a Puig Castellet, Lloret de Mar

Pasarel·la de pas per als visitants del jaciment ibèric Puig Castellet, Lloret de Mar

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