Freedom Tree

Address:Plaça Major. 17490 Llançà
Price: free of charge

The Tree of Freedom in Llançà, in the Plaça Major (Main Square), was planted in 1870 and has a height of almost 25 meters. Is a platanus tree (planetree) of the species platanus hybrida that offers a generous shade to those who sit and have a coffee in this emblematic square in the center of the village. The Tree of Freedom are monuments that from the French Revolution were installed in some villages symbolically. Until year 2000 the socket stones with the emblem of the village (three spears), in the same square, with the inscription "1864", surrounded the Tree of Freedom.

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Árbre de la Llibertat, Llançà, Costa Brava

Antiguo zócalo del Árbol de la Libertad, hoy también en la Plaza Mayor

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