Montgó Tower

Address:Passatge del Garbinell, 56-64. 17130 L'Escala

Montgó Tower is at the northern side of Cala Montgó, an urbanized beach of l'Escala village located next to the Natural Park of Montgrí. Spanish king Philip II authorized the construction of this tower in 1598 with the aim that the people of the area could shelter from the pirates from North Africa who ravaged this coast. From the coastal promontory where it is located you get a wonderful view.

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Vistes dels Pirineus des de la Torre de Montgó, l'Escala

Torre de Montgó, vista del Parque Natural del Montgrí

Montgó Tower, l'Escala

Tour Montgó, l'Escala, Costa Brava

Schloss Montgó, l'Escala, Costa Brava, Spanien

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