Sant Feliu Church

Address:Pujada de Sant Feliu, 29. 17004 Girona

A distinctive feature of Girona’s skyline, the truncated tower of the gloomy XIVth- to XVIIth-century Gothic Església de Sant Feliu was struck by lightning in 1581 and never repaired. Inside, in the north transept, lie the tombs of Sant Narcís, patron saint of Girona (a wooden XIIIth-century one, supposedly containing the saint’s remains) and an elaborate Gothic one dated 1328, depicting scenes from his life. Either side of the high altar are eight second- to fourth-century sarcophagi (probably from the Roman necropolis that stood on this site) most of them Christian, although two older ones show lion-hunting and Pluto abducting Proserpine. At the foot of the church’s front steps is El Cul de la Lleona (“The Lioness’s Rear”), a copy of a XII-century statue of a lioness climbing a pillar (the original is in the Museu d’Art). Myth has it that if a visitor kisses the animal’s backside, they’ll return to Girona.

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Interior de l'església de Sant Feliu, Girona

Iglesia de Sant Feliu - Capilla de Sant Narcís

Bridge over Onyar river, next to Sant Feliu church

Torre agulla de l'església de Sant Feliu, Girona

Église de Sant Feliu, Girona

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