Turtle Reproduction in Albera mountains

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This central Mediterranean turtle hatchlings in captivity is in the grounds of the Romanesque Sanctuary Mare de Déu del Camp, in Garriguella, in Alt Empordà, and next to the Alberes Mountains. You visit it, in part, through wooden bridge over the different turtle species breed here, especially the Mediterranean one (native of the mountains of the Alberes). The center includes a classroom-museum and training center. For winter months it is closed, and for the rest of the year is good to visit it in the morning because, when hotter, turtles get into the shell. Highly recommended activity with children.

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Centre de Reproducció de Tortugues de l'Albera

Little turtles born in Albera Center, Costa Brava

Excursió en família al Centre de Reproducció de Tortugues, a Garriguelles

Els nens observen astorats les tortugues del CRT de l'Albera, a Garriguella

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