S'Arenella Lighthouse

Address:Urbanització Cap de Bol Far. 17489 El Port de la Selva

S'Arenella Lighthouse is the first one in the Costa Brava north. It opened in 1913 and it is located at a height of 22 meters above sea level. It has a range of 13 nautical miles and its frequency is 5 seconds. Located at the northern end of the bay of Port de la Selva it can be reached from the center throught the coastal path that connects this fishermen village with Llançà. You'll find spectacular views and a bucolic landscape.

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Far s'Arenella, Port de la Selva

Faro de s'Arenella, Port de la Selva

S'Arenella Lighthouse, el Port de la Selva

Phare de s'Arenella, el Port de la Selva

Far de s'Arenella, Port de la Selva

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    Castellar Viewpoint, or Castellar Rock, is on a coastal hill next to the port of Llançà. Formerly it was an island that had different uses, as a bulwark of defense or quarantine site for visitors arriving by sea. It was later artificially joined to the coast to form the beach Platja de la Gola (at south), and now a coastal path allows bathers of this beach or Llançà beach boulevard to enjoy the wonderful views of Cape of Creus, the center of the village or the northern coast that reaches France.

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    The Tree of Freedom in Llançà, in the Plaça Major (Main Square), was planted in 1870 and has a height of almost 25 meters. Is a platanus tree (planetree) of the species platanus hybrida that offers a generous shade to those who sit and have a coffee in this emblematic square in the center of the village. The Tree of Freedom are monuments that from the French Revolution were installed in some villages symbolically. Until year 2000 the socket stones with the emblem of the village (three spears), in the same square, with the inscription "1864", surrou......

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    Lovers of painting, especially the watercolor painting style have an appointment at Llançà with the Watercolour Painting Museum, founded in 1989 (the only one in Europe then) by the painter Josep Martinez Lozano (Barcelona 1923 - Llançà 2006). Most of the works are donated by the artist and are of his own creation or his friends artists. The museum is located in the Plaza Major square, center village, and admission is free.