Torre Valentina

Address:Passeig de la Torre Valentina, 1. 17252 Calonge

Located on the coast of Calonge, in Sant Antoni, Torre Valentina witnesses a distant past in which this same place was occupied by a farmhouse and its tower to protect the farmers from pirate attacks. Erected between the XVth and XVIth centuries, with cylindrical base, it has three floors, a common design those days to climb from one floor to another in case of attack. The rugged Camí de Ronda leads from here to a string of delightful coves, most of which are reached by stone steps from the trail and all with iridescent turquoise waters. North Torre Valentine watchtower you can walk through the long seafront boulevard until Palamós.

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Torre Valentina, a Sant Antoni de Calonge

Platja Torre Valentina

Torre Valentina

Tour Valentina, Sant Antoni de Calonge

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