S'Arenella Island

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S'Arenella Island is located about 100 meters from the beach of the same name near the center of Cadaques village. It is the only inhabited island of the Costa Brava and is adjacent to another well-known island of called Es Cucurucuc. A promenade around the perimeter of the island will allow us to see the old Barraca d'en Llimó house (1919) and the Cave of Smuggling (Cova del Contraban) an underground store discovered in the 50s that was used in earlier centuries as black market warehouse for smugglers in this area.

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S'Arenella Island Photos

Illa S'Arenella, frente a la costa de Cadaqués

Little island of S'Arenella, just 100 mts from one of Cadaqués beaches, Costa Brava

Coast around S'Arenella Island and Cadaqués beaches can very irregular

Île S'Arenella vue d'une des plages de Cadaqués, Costa Brava

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