Esclanyà Tower

Address:Carrer de la Font Gran. 17213 Begur

Torre d'Esclanyà is the most remarkable building, along with the church, in the little village of Esclanyà, a small medieval neighborhood next to the road between Palafrugell and Begur, and which actually belongs to the latter one. This ancient tower defense originated in the XIth century, has three floors and a height of 13 meters. The environment is very quiet and walking through the medieval center, a lonesome place, is very nice.

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Esclanyà Tower Photos

Castell d'Esclanyà, Begur

Esclanyà, Begur, Costa Brava

Sant Esteve d'Esclanyà Church, near Begur center

Tour d'Esclanyà, XIe siècle, Begur

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