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Enramades in Arbucies is a festivity related with the christian Corpus Christi day, with more than five centuries here. During some days the neighbours take flowers from the Montseny mountains wood, next to the village, and create colorful carpets on the streets with the petals. The next weekend these carpets are exhibited to the visitors and several activities are organized as music concerts, popular dances, popular feasts banquets, etc.

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Pòster de les Enramades d'Arbúcies 2014, catifes de flors

Las Enramades de Arbúcies es una festividad relacionada con el Corpus y con alfombras de flores

Les Enramades d'Arbúcies ont une grande valeur artistique

Un petit elefant de pètals de flors sobre els carrers d'Arbúcies: són les Enramades