Dendrological Roquer Garden

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At the heart of the village of Arbúcies, at the foot of Montseny, a botanical garden is open to the public through guided tours: it's the Dendrological Garden of Roquer (dendro is a greek word origin meaning tree). It hosts 150 species of trees, among which are the Himalayan cedar, the monumenta magnolia Roquer (considered the largest in Europe), firs, redwoods, palms, ginkos, araucaries, etc. in an area of 2.5 hectares, next to a large manor house. The tours are guided and last one hour. Please check hours at Arbúcies Tourist Office.

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Jardi Dendrològic Arbúcies

Jardín Dendrológico de Arbúcies

Jardin Dendrologique d'Arbúcies, Costa Brava